Corporate social responsibility

Stakeholder engagement

Value creation through dialogue and clear focus

What are stakeholders’ expectations and how are they being met by WDP.

WDP is committed to continuous improvement and seeks to appropriately address feedback received from its stakeholders such as clients, investors, employees, suppliers, the local community… We maintain procedures to address grievances formally raised by stakeholders in relation to WDP, our warehouses, our services, or any processes we apply.


Taken along by De Warmste Week, WDP yearly chooses to financially and/or materially support a good cause. Therefore, #TeamWDP organises several actions by #Team WDP throughout the year.

In 2020, WDP wants to support the vulnerable groups and social initiatives that are being hit hard by Covid-19. At the initiative of the Chairman and the full Board of Directors, a specific support campaign has therefore been launched. The different international teams have selected a number of local initiatives that will receive financial support. WDP also reserves part of the means for its employees who might need support in this Covid-19 crisis.

In 2020 WDP supported the following causes:

WDP has supported the following good causes in the past: