Cross dock warehouse

Cross dock warehouse

Your efficient cross-docking warehouse, by WDP

Streamline your supply chain through your cross-dock warehouse

Your future cross-dock warehouse allows you to minimize warehousing costs and maximize efficiency, by drastically reducing storage and inventory handling time. WDP has extensive experience in developing the intelligent cross-docking infrastructure that your supply chain operation needs and deserves.

How cross-docking accelerates your supply chain

Your cross-dock warehouse allows you to dispatch shipments to your customer, right after they’ve been unloaded by your supplier. Since there’s no need for warehousing, the logistics process is significantly shortened while attendant costs are kept minimal.

Cross-dock warehouses are an excellent choice for companies that:

  • Use a multimodal logistics approach;
  • Sort consignments intended for different destinations;
  • Collate consignments from different suppliers destined for a single destination.

Profitability up! The advantages of your cross-dock warehouse

WDP builds the cross-dock warehouse that fully meets your operational requirements, whichever your industry. Our architects know everything there is about cross-dock warehouses, delivering highly efficient distribution centres that optimize your logistics strategy.

This allows you to boost the profitability of your supply chain on multiple fronts:

  • Increase client satisfaction through quicker operations;
  • Reduce inventory holding costs by reducing storage times;
  • Decrease the risks associated with inventory handling;
  • Reduce warehousing costs by avoiding dependence on large warehouses;
  • Save on delivery costs by shipping out products in a single shipment.

Discover some of our cross dock warehouses:

A tightly secured, 15,000 m² distribution centre for logistics supplier DHL, combining efficiency and future-oriented sustainability. The BREEAM EXCELLENT certified building features lush green areas and birdhouses along its facade. An impressive sorting system lies at the heart of this guarded site, with a combination of small docks and regular docks. To top it off, abundant natural light flows through translucent wall cladding panels.

This cross-dock warehouse, over 5,000 m² large, proved to be the perfect base of operations for logistics supplier GLS. With its direct access to Highway E313, this warehouse fully lives up to the client’s expectations.

Contact WDP for your cross dock warehouse

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