WDP strives as much as possible to reduce the CO2 emissions from its buildings by means of various initiatives in the existing portfolio and for new construction projects.

Doing business honestly and correctly, open communication and transparent reporting with regard to good governance all guarantee responsible business practices.

2022 Performance

Contribution to United Nations' SDG's

WDP seeks to improve the personal and professional development of its staff by means of general and individual training and personalised development plans.

Implementation of an energy monitoring system that maps out and optimises the energy consumption of WDP and its clients. WDP is also tapping renewable energy by installing solar panels. WDP will draft a climate plan with specific actions and targets, taking into account the 2030 climate goals for the European Union and the European Green Deal 2050.


A safe and healthy working environment is a vital aspect of WDP’s operational management. A good mix of different talents, cultures and personalities is critical to the recruitment policy. In order to retain talent within the company, WDP strives for continuous development and engagement with the company and its projects.



As a long-term investor, WDP can play a role in further sustainable deployment of infrastructure in the regions where the company operates. WDP firmly believes that good governance leads to a good balance between the interests of the different stakeholders and the community.


WDP has set specific targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions and intends to have climateneutral operations (scope 1, 2, and 3) by 2050. By focusing on its entire value chain, WDP can take effective action on climate change.


The reduction of CO2 emissions and waste are key concerns in the execution of our activities, including our attentiveness to biodiversity.


Tackling Climate Change requires ambitious action. Our science-based target proves our commitment to building a sustainable economy, by doing not what is easy but what is necessary. 

WDP is proud to have set a science-based target, positioning us as corporate leaders of the low-carbon transition. Discover more

WDP embraces environmental transparency by disclosing through CDP


Statement by the Board of Directors and the CEO on sustainability

As a leading real estate partner for the logistics real estate sector, WDP is well aware of its social responsibility. Which is why sustainable business has been central to WDP’s strategy for years.