Frozen & Cooled warehouse

Frozen & Cooled warehouse

Your temperature-controlled frozen or cooled warehouse by WDP

Cooled or sub-zero storage and handling, made easy

A meticulously controlled frozen or cooled warehouse gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Reliable freezers, cold rooms and ambient zones guarantee that your goods are stored and maintained at the prescribed temperatures. WDP designs and builds hygienic, temperature-controlled distribution centres that fully support your operations.

Optimum cooling conditions, reliable and energy-efficient

We install top-of-the-range cooling technology, suitable for the rigorous product and safety requirements of your supply chain. In doing so, we not only factor the highest standards in hygiene but also in energy efficiency as well. Your future temperature-controlled warehouse is sure to be equipped with efficient cooling solutions that keep your energy costs as low as possible. Our architects and technicians prioritize climate efficiency from the project conceptualization phase, creating a chilled environment you can always rely on.

Energy-efficient frozen and chilled warehouses: here’s how

Loss of energy and skyrocketing energy bills are a shot in the foot when it comes to trimming operating costs in your temperature-controlled warehouses. Insulation is of crucial importance in maintaining low or sub-zero temperatures within your refrigerated distribution centre.

On top of that, we offer a wide range of renewable energy solutions – from heating pumps to solar panels – that allow you to generate your energy, on-site. And through our innovative WDP Smart Energy Tool, you stay on top of your energy consumption at all times, optimizing your approach for cost and energy-efficient operations.

Some of our frozen or cooled warehouses:

This impressive re-development in the AGF industry resulted in a newly built, 64,000 m² warehouse for fruit and vegetable specialist The Greenery. Within just four years, the existing buildings were turned into a state-of-the-art distribution centre comprised of three separate buildings. Throughout the project, the company remained fully operational. Building A houses a crate-laundering facility for EPS, a standard warehouse with a large washing system. Buildings B and C are fully cooled, with separate temperature areas, and cooling and freezing cells for vegetables and fruit.

With 9,500 m² of freezing space, this fully automated high-bay cold store is an ingenious piece of work! This warehouse has a constant temperature of -23°C and has room for over 28,000 pallet spaces. Thanks to its fully automated packaging and replenishment processing systems, international bakery group Lantmännen Unibake has enhanced its delivery times and supply management efficiency.

This 8,000 m² gas-free, cooled warehouse was designed for fruit and vegetable specialist Hoogsteder. Energy-conscious cooling techniques and solar panels form the sustainable backbone of this facility. The adjustable workstations and attractive office design inside the building make for a great workplace for all employees.

A 13,800 m² distribution centre with 3,000 m² of high-end office space, all with luxurious finishes, for logistics supplier DSV. The warehouse offers everything to support air freight traffic, with special docks fitted with lift tables, large pallets and a roller conveyor system. The building’s countless windows let in abundant natural light. Coated floors, extensive signage, collision protection, cooling cells and TAPA certification top off this outstanding distribution facility

Your temperature-controlled warehouse, fully built-to-suit

WDP has decades-worth of experience in designing and developing top-notch hygienic temperature-controlled warehouses. Contact us today to discuss your needs!