GDP warehouse

GDP warehouse

A GDP-certified distribution centre: so much simpler with WDP

Quality logistics and risk management for pharmaceutical products

Logistics chains for pharmaceutical products need to meet the highest security and quality standards. That is only possible with a distribution centre equipped to meet international standards.

The Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) provide the approved quality system for the storage and distribution of medicine. WDP creates warehouse spaces equipped according to these standards, so that your operations fully meet every requirement.

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GDP certification: here’s why

GDP-certified distribution centres ensure that:

  • Products are demonstrably stored in the right conditions
  • The building, installations and facilities are equipped for risk management
  • The product supply chain is airtight
  • Products in the logistics chain meet EU legal requirements
  • There is a system in place for error tracking and recall in case of product deficiencies

GDP: ensuring quality and safety in your logistics chain

WDP offers a proactive approach, with both permanent and temporary solutions that abide by every standard. GDP-certified, robustly built and equipped with all the necessary installations and technical amenities to ensure safety and efficiency at all times: these buildings can fully meet your operational processes.

Which standards must your GDP-certified warehouse meet?

The list of control features that your GDP-certified warehouse needs to satisfy is quite extensive. WDP ensures compliance down to the finest detail:

  • Clean, dry spaces that are easy to clean, with sufficient light.
  • Temperature control, security and sign-in
  • Storage in marked, separate (and separately climate-controlled) spaces
  • Access control, sign-in and burglary protection
  • Suitable spaces to store hazardous substances, with the associated security features
  • Physical barriers between loading docks, unloading docks and storage
  • Fitted with features to control insects and rodents

Some of our GDP-certified and pharma warehouses:

This 33,000 m² distribution centre for logistics supplier CEVA is the perfect site for processing and expediting implants, surgical products and patient monitoring systems, amongst other things. Built to GDP guidelines, this warehouse continuously monitors and manages both temperature and humidity inside the premises.

A 13,800 m² distribution centre with 3,000 m² of high-end office space, all with luxurious finishes, for logistics supplier DSV. The warehouse offers everything to support air freight traffic, with special docks fitted with lift tables, large pallets and a roller conveyor system. The building’s countless windows let in abundant natural light. Coated floors, extensive signage, collision protection, cooling cells and TAPA certifcation top off this outstanding distribution facility

Innovative warehouse in Genk with 32,000 m² warehouse space for distributor of medical devices, Terumo. It’s design closely matches the pharmaceutical industry’s GDP standards. This temperature-controlled warehouse is equipped with an ETO installation which efficiently filters Ethylene Oxide, used in sterilizing medical equipment, from the air.

Certified storage and distribution for the pharmaceutical and health industry

GDP-certified distribution centres are crucial to the safe operations of companies in the pharmaceutical and health industry. WDP’s longstanding experience in creating GDP-compliant warehouses ensures smooth certification from start to finish.

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