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Reasons to join WDP


Ready to launch your future? Let's go! Take a look at our job openings. Here are 9 good reasons why working at #TeamWDP is the smart move for your career.

9 reasons to join WDP

  1. Proactive support that allows you to grow, learn and develop.
  2. An inclusive work environment with a strong emphasis on teamwork.
  3. A challenging environment that puts old ideas to the test and focusses on agility.
  4. flexible remuneration plan.
  5. Attention to wellbeing in the office, with – among other things – our Move team and Office Well-Being team. Discover some Sport and Health initiatives
  6. The opportunity to grow in an international environment.
  7. A people’s company, with a great atmosphere.
  8. Support from co-workers who are the best in their trade.
  9. Stimulating and exciting projects.


“By joining WDP, you'll be joining a dynamic group that encourages everyone to surpass themselves, to share knowledge between teams and promote stimulating events. You can be sure to be challenged” 


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