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Work Culture - Discover the career you’ve been looking for

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius

What if you could combine a career working for a world-player in logistics real estate with the company culture of a family-run SME? And what about stepping into a workplace with a flat structure in which your initiatives are truly heard? 

That hands-on and can-do mentality is just how we like it. It’s the only way to respond swiftly to the opportunities and challenges that arise, crucial to company success. That’s what characterizes WDP’s organization – and our people.


Our people are the top of our industry. #TeamWDP is packed with outstanding talent that has everything it takes to conquer the Belgian, Luxembourgian, French, Romanian, Dutch and German markets. We invest heavily in attracting, developing and retaining the best and finest in the logistics industry.

Discovering and cherishing talent is one of WDP’s fortes – and we pride ourselves on it. We aim to detect talent early on, so we can develop it efficiently to match our broader company story. Key positions are often filled internally. And every employee looking to reach their full potential can turn to WDP for a fascinating career with endless possibilities. Are you up for that?



It all starts with a clear mission statement. For WDP, that is summed up in just three sentences:

We create the environment wherein companies can shape their future. Warehouses that enable the creation of a sustainable, innovative supply chain. We build the shell for the logistic process, based on thorough cooperation between our client and the WDP team.



This mission, together with our work culture, is the soul of our company. It’s a culture that allows exceptional talent to shine. And it guarantees clients and investors an outstanding service and efficient solutions. Our values are what separates us from the pack. They determine who we are and what we do. They match the personalities of our hardworking talent. Do they match yours too? 

WDP Values

  • Customer Service : our clients’ success is our absolute priority
  • Value creation : reacting swiftly and flexibly makes for valuable results
  • Sustainable growth : focus on long-term growth, with a far-reaching strategy
  • Innovation : thinking outside the box is good. Thinking without a box is better
  • Hands-on : we don’t pass up opportunities and forge the iron when it’s hot
  • Sustainability : we grow with ambition, balancing profits with people and the environment
  • No-nonsense : honesty is the best policy. That way, everyone on board knows what to expect
  • TeamWDP: Together Everyone Achieves More 
  • Shareholders: As a leading real estate partner in the logistics sector, we are accountable to all of our stakeholders



Alright, your turn! Take your career in hand and steer it into the right direction for you. Come work at a flexible organization, where your ideas will be heard and you can truly make an impact. Team up with the best talent. Challenge and be challenged. Grown and unleash your full potential, day in, day out.

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