Some stories are too captivating to be left untold. WDP’s foundation and evolution is one of those stories. 

Discover an inspiring tale of ambition, camaraderie and visionary boldness. A compelling history which started with the hands-on entrepreneurship of our founder Jos De Pauw, which evolved into a prospering business built on family values, strong personalities, outstanding teamwork and a future-forward approach to logistic real estate. A local business turned highly-respected, publicly listed company. 

This is the history of WDP.  An overview of how it all started, how we grew out to become the company we are today, and how that unique WDP DNA will guide us on our way towards future success.


Inclusion in DJSI World and DJSI Europe. First-time issuer credit rating from Fitch (BBB+) and Moody’s (Baa1) with a stable outlook. WDP ENERGY out of the starting blocks. Strategic partnership with Swedish real estate group Catena.


Original ambitions of 2019-23 growth plan to be realised one year earlier. Introduction of new growth plan 2022-25: ambitionned annual increase in EPRA Earnings per share of +8% to 1.50 euros by 2025 and an investment plan increase of 2 billion euros to a portfolio of 8 billion euros. Launch of WDP Climate Action Plan: net-zero target by 2050 for the entire value chain.


A robust balance sheet, strong liquidity, and a diversified portfolio support WDP during the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasing growth ambitions: planned investment volume of 2 billion euros and EPRA Earnings in 2024 of minimum 1.25 euros per share.

  • Strategic 2019-23 growth plan: Target annual portfolio growth of 10% to 5 billion euros and an annual increase in EPRA earnings of 6% to 1.15 euros by 2023.
  • WDP is included in BEL 20.
  • Regional expansion to Germany.
  • First ABB for a GVV/SIR.
  • Legal form converted to NV/SA.
  • Implementation of 2019-23 ESG Roadmap.
  • Share split by factor 7.
  • Issue of first green bond and further rollout of the solar panel programme.
  • Realisation of clusters: logistics parks in Zellik (BE), Breda (NL) and Bucharest – Dragomeresti (RO).
  • Approx. 240 million euros in new investments in Romania and a new EIB financing package of 150 million euros to support further expansion in this growth market.
  • Reinforcement of shareholders’ equity with 170 million euros (by way of reserved earnings, optional dividend and contributions in kind).
  • Targets under the 2016-20 growth plan within reach. Announcement of new five-year growth plan for 2019-23: planned annual portfolio growth of 10% to 5 billion euros and annual increase in EPRA Earnings by 6% to 8.00 euros by 2023.
  • WDP named 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year®.
  • Successful launch in Luxembourg: acquisition and first project.
  • Strategic purchase of land in the Netherlands. Increase of participation to 80% in WDP Romania.
  • Investment volume target for 2016-20 growth plan increased to 1.25 billion euros due to further growth in existing geographic core markets.
  • New 2016-20 growth plan: target portfolio growth by 1 billion to 3 billion euros and a cumulative increase of 25% in earnings per share. WDP included in AMX Index on Euronext Amsterdam.
  • Luxembourg as a new core market and reinforcement of the Benelux position. First development at Liège-Trilogiport.
  • Successful innovative capital increase.
  • Value of property portfolio passes the milestone of 2 billion euros.
  • Contribution in kind of the FMCG campus in Bornem.
  • WDP and The Greenery conclude a long-term partnership.
  • Launch of a 30 MWp solar park project in the Dutch property portfolio.
  • Private bond placement.
  • Accelerated investment pace through several new acquisitions and projects in the core markets.
  • Doubling of portfolio in Romania to a total of approx. 100,000 m2 of lettable space.
  • Kick- off WDPort of Ghent.
  • Dual listing: WDP shares now listed on Euronext Amsterdam.
  • WDP achieves its 2013-16 growth targets one year earlier than planned, with a portfolio valued at around 2 billion euros1 and a net current result per share of 5.00 euros.
  • Implementation of a new growth plan for 2016-20 with the ambitious target of growing the portfolio by 1 billion euros to 3 billion euros and a cumulative 25% increase in profit per share.
  • Change in company status to Regulated Real Estate Company (GVV/SIR).
  • Further internal professionalisation in response to the growth of the company.
  • Acceleration in the rhythm of investment with various new strategic acquisitions.
  • Issue of a retail bond.
  • (Indirect) contribution in kind of the Tiel site in the Netherlands.
  • Upgrade of the ambitions in the strategic growth plan for 2013-16.
  • Strategic plan for 2013-16: ambition to grow the portfolio by 50% to to 1.8 billion euros over four years and achieve a cumulative growth in net current result per share of 20-25% to 4.40-4.60 euros per share.
  • First bond issue.
  • Innovative optimisation in Londerzeel for four clients.
  • Logistics of tomorrow: multimodal locations in Vilvoorde, Port of Ghent and Meerhout.
  • Diversification of the portfolio: two sites in Geel on the Antwerp-Limburg logistics axis.
  • Completion of two solar farms in Romania.
  • Strategic expansion in the Netherlands with the acquisition of the Lake Side Portfolio.
  • Completion of new-build project at a top location at Schiphol Airport.
  • Sale of WDP CZ SRO.
  • Strategic growth plan 2011-13 defining three growth markets: leases (within the existing portfolio, in ongoing projects and in projects on own land reserves), further implementation of the carbon-neutral portfolio and acquisitions.
  • Acquisition of the portfolio of Wereldhave NL.
  • WDP is the first vastgoedbevak/Sicafi to offer an optional dividend.
  • First BREEAM certificate for logistics premises in the Netherlands.
  • WDP Nederland BV becomes WDP Nederland NV and gains FBI status (Fiscale Beleggingsinstelling).
  • Financing package agreed with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to enlarge the portfolio in Romania.
  • Acquisition through payment in shares of DHL premises in Meer, Willebroek and Mechelen.
  • Successful capital increase
  • Launch of the solar energy project, which is expected to lead to a total installed power of 30 MWp and a carbon-neutral property portfolio.
  • Acquisition of the shares of Royvelden NV.
  • Acquisition of Univeg’s property portfolio.
  • Formation of WDP Development RO.
2002 - 2006


  • Strategic plan for 2006-09: doubling of portfolio value to 700 million euros over four years.
  • Capital increase after partial acquisition of the property of Massive NV in sale and rent back transaction. 


  • Sale of WDP Italia SRL.
  • Focus on two main regions: the Breda-Antwerp- Brussels-Lille axis and the Czech Republic.


  • Free float to 70% after the sale of a 20% stake of main shareholder the Jos De Pauw family.


  • Successful capital increase
  • Formation of Warehousing & Distribution De Pauw Comm. VA.
  • Company status: vastgoedbevak/sicafi.
  • IPO with increase in capital to support growth.
  • Formation of WDP Italia SRL and WDP CZ SRO.
1977-1998 and earlier
  • Formation of Rederij De Pauw NV to which the property assets of the Jos De Pauw family group were transferred.
  • Start of development into specialised semi- industrial property company.