Multi layer warehouse

Multi layer warehouse

Your multi layer warehouse, by WDP

Thinking vertically: the way forward for your supply chain

A global growth of e-commerce, rising land prices and a lack of available logistic real estate and plots are three major challenges that companies are faced with today. In order to continue to meet the high demand and an efficient logistics flow, they must look for innovative solutions. Preferably near their existing location. One of these innovative developments is the use of multi-layer warehouses, which not only offers the possibility to improve the workplace experience, but also to do so in a sustainable and financially attractive way.

What does multi-layer mean?

In short, with multi-layer you don’t expand your logistic real estate in the width of your plot but in height. A multi-storey warehouse is therefore a building constructed vertically with ramps for trucks, loading docks and storage systems on the different levels. Often, automation and other technologies are also used to make the distribution flow as fast and efficient as possible and to make companies future-proof.

The benefits of multi-layer developments

Multi-layer logistics real estate and distribution centers have some undeniable advantages:

  • Having the opportunity to expand on your plot without having to provide an additional building plot
  • Multi-layer makes more efficient use of the available land, which is also better for the environment because the impact remains limited. In other words, you also reduce your (ecological) footprint.
  • You can provide more work space by working in height. So you no longer have to compromise on expanding and optimizing your logistics flow.

Why choose a multi-layer infrastructure?

Two important principles that make multi-layer developments so interesting for WDP:

  • We can offer you the logistic real estate you need within the desired region. Even when the available land is scarce.
  • You have the option to expand and perform all necessary optimisations for the most efficient business operations at your existing location without having to provide more building plots.

Case: multi-layer distribution center for De Jong Packaging

Curious about how such a multi-layer development exactly works and what it looks like? Then check out the WDP multi-layer project for De Jong Packaging in De Lier, the Netherlands.

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