Circular demolition is how you do it!

WDP is building Prinsenhil Logistics Park between Prinsenhil and Eikdonk in Breda; it’s a brand-new multi-tenant warehouse with 27,000 m² of storage space divided into five compartments. But the old buildings on the site needed to be demolished first.


Big news: WDP takes another step in its never-ending journey towards the ultimate client experience. Our MyWDP app is set for launch, and provides our clients mobile access to our fully digital client portal on their smartphone. 


WDP - Beerselect

BeerSelect, the young and upcoming Ghent-based group brewery, is ready for another expansion thanks to a 15 million euro investment. The future property, based at Port of Ghent, will be 10,000 m² large and boasts a brewing capacity of five million liters.