The Netherlands has always been progressive when it comes to energy consumption and entrepreneurship. By 2030 all buildings must be gas-free in order to reduce the strong emissions of CO2 and stop global warming. These new ecological regulations also changed a few things for Berner Produkten, an international company that planned the construction of a new warehouse in Kerkrade.

Gasloos bouwen

In recent years, the Netherlands, and Groningen in particular, has been shocked by earthquakes, ground and collapsing buildings caused by natural gas extraction. In addition, the enormous emissions of CO2 ensure that global warming continues to evolve with all its consequences. Moreover, fossil fuels are not infinite and will run out at some point.

The demand for specific logistics processes and technologies is greater than ever. A glance at the most important trends in the logistics world shows that a far-reaching cold chain, including cold stores with extremely low temperatures, is becoming the rule rather than the exception.