WDP Prinsenhil Breda

The WDP Prinsenhil Logistics Park in Breda is an impressive project that is more than just a warehouse. The building is located in a strategic location just three kilometers from Breda train station and is being built with extra attention to livability on and around the site. The park has a land area of ​​5 hectares and a construction area of ​​25,904 m².

Een brandveilig magazijn: waar loopt het meestal mis?

Keeping your buildings fireproof: we all know it’s vital but that doesn’t make it easy. Storage areas, in particular, with hundreds of products all kept together, involve hidden obstacles that make your building vulnerable to a fire. And the most obvious rules are broken with striking frequency. We have listed four of them for you, so you will always be one spark ahead of the fire.

WDP Redevelopments

Crucial insights for sustainable logistics real estate

The Netherlands is a critical player in the global economy. It’s a much sought-after location for the establishment of a logistical hub, being in the heart of Europe. Its appeal is not only in pan-European distribution but for city distribution and last-mile activities as well.

WDP - De Jong Verpakking

De Jong Packaging is an ambitious, worldwide player in the food, non-food, floriculture, e-commerce, and AGF packaging industry. It’s a business with very strong local roots, expanding its activities in the same region it once was founded – a solid base for its operations, today and in the future.