EGM approves Immo Wever transaction. Issue of 84,226 new wdp shares at 40.37 euro per share. Capital increase of 3.4 million euros for WDP.Outcome in the light of the transparancy law

Earlier this year, closed-end real-estate company WDP (Euronext: WDP) anounced an agreement in principle (subject to a number of customary suspensive conditions) with Immo Weversstraat for the acquisition of a site in Londerzeel for 3.4 million euros through a partial split. Today, 21 September 2012, an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of WDP approved the transaction, which has resulted in a capital increase of 3.4 million euros and the issue of 84,226 new WDP shares. These shares will be listed starting Monday, 24 September 2012. The issue price is 40.37 euros (rounded) per share.