Interim statement on 30 September 2020

EPRA Earnings per share over 9M 2020 has increased by 8%, to 0.76 euro. 

For 2020, WDP anticipates EPRA Earnings per share of 1.00 euro (compared to guidance Q2 2020: “at the high end of the range of 0.95 to 1.00 euro”). In addition, WDP confirms the target gross dividend of 0.80 euro (an increase of 8%).

An investment package of approximately 100 million euros in new investments was secured during Q3 2020, making an overall total of 300 million euros for the year.

Total cumulative investment volume of 850 million euros under the growth plan 2019-23. WDP fully expects the demand for modern logistics space to continue now as well as post Covid-19, supporting the implementation of its business plan.

Having a robust balance sheet, a strong liquidity position, as well as a diversified property portfolio that is crucial to the supply chain, WDP believes it is well positioned to weather the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

These forecasts are based on knowledge of the existing situation as well as estimates of the crisis, barring severely adverse after-effects of subsequent corona-waves and/or lockdowns.