WDP Energy off the starting blocks

WDP’s 2022-25 growth plan sets out its ambition for the further upscaling and expansion of its ‘Energy as a Business’ operations as a separate business line. The EU Green Deal expects transportation to decarbonise and switch to e-mobility to attain a fully sustainable supply chain. Moreover, the energy transition has gained momentum as a result of current geopolitical tensions and the ensuing energy crisis. WDP’s ‘Energy as a Business’ strategy – in particular, the WDP Energy track within the WDP Climate Action Plan – aims to respond to the accelerated and evolving customer energy needs to ensure its sites are more self-sufficient and decarbonised by increasing the use of green energy production and technology.

Today, WDP is announcing the installation of a Green Mobility Hub at one of its existing sites as well as a significant expansion of its solar panel park, which together represent an investment of over 40 million euros. These and all future energy and sustainability projects are driven in-house by the WDP Energy & Sustainability team. This team is growing and will combine business development, innovation and operational execution power.