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Why is this hotspot Tilburg-Waalwijk in Midden-Brabrant elected as the Best Region for E-fulfillment?… https://t.co/GGZQSXoc3r

Region Tilburg-Waalwijk, the best region for e-fulfilment in the Netherlands

What are the strengths of this region in Midden-Brabant? We have listed them here, one by one. 

#TeamWDP - Robrecht Borloo & André Schoemaker

The life of a project manager at WDP. Robrecht Borloo and André Schoemaker explain how they experience a typical workday.

“Life isn’t all about working and success; pay attention to the things around you, to society. Only then does it ta… https://t.co/oagozWzxjj

#TeamWDP - Kristof De Witte

Kristof firmly believes in positive thinking. We followed him when he went to Grimbergen to donate blood at the Red Cross. On the way we stopped at the well known Abbey of Grimbergen.

Have you heard about Amazon’s plans to make drone delivery possible by building ‘beehives’? Learn more about it:… https://t.co/cHv0cU1tIB

Amazon is working hard on urban beehives

In 2015, Amazon submitted a patent for constructing towers that look like beehives. The purpose? Read all about it here.