WDP Sustainability

As a trend-setting market leader in logistics real estate, WDP is committed to developing business operations with a minimal environmental impact. We are strongly reducing the environmental footprint of our activities and support our customers' sustainable business practices.

WDP creates modern, intelligent warehouse facilities. Our clients expect nothing short of energy-efficient buildings in strategic locations, to enable them to cut their operational costs and optimize their logistics flows. Our diverse portfolio, packed with sustainable, state-of-the-art buildings, aims to fully address our clients’ expectations, whatever their industry.

PV installations

We continue to invest in photovoltaic installations that provide our clients with green, sustainable and low-carbon energy. In 2020, one third of our portfolio was equipped with solar panels, resulting in 100 MWp of energy produced across the entire WDP group.


Over the last few years, the number of sustainability certifications featuring in our portfolio has increased considerably. Countless WDP buildings are now EDGE- or BREEAM-certified. Find out what these certifications are all about.

More about BREEAM

More about EDGE


Brownfield - Redevelopments

Managing our scarce open spaces with great care is part of our responsibility to society. WDP brings new life to underused areas and develops them into modern, newly built warehouses packed with sustainable technology.

Green Financing

The WDP Green Finance Framework facilitates Green Bonds, Green Private Placements and Green Loans, based on transparent criteria around sustainable-energy investment, energy-optimization measures or other energy-friendly projects. 

In 2020, WDP and IFC signed a joint €205-million financing package for logistics developments in Romania, all EDGE-certified (read our press release 22.04.2020). That same year, WDP and EBRD signed another €150-million package to complete already leased planned projects, and to support the further growth of WDP Romania. Together with EBRD, we are joining forces to combat youth unemployment in Romania, by setting up an inclusion project for young Romanians on the job market. (read our press release 16.07.2020)