Sustainability & Energy

Sustainability & Energy

WDP Climate Action Plan


WDP targets to operate net zero throughout its entire value chain (scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2050 via three tracks, each with clear, ambitious, and transparent objectives:


Leading the energy transition towards more renewable energy generation and optimised consumption


Reducing GHG emissions and the environmental impact by becoming net-zero by 2050 (scope 1, 2 and 3)


Integrating sustainability in the development, financing and operations of the Group


Sustainability is way of designing, a way of developing, a way of doing business. We have it M.A.D.E. for future.

M.aterial use

By carefully selecting our raw materials and construction partners and setting even stricter building standards, WDP aims to accelerate its efforts towards a lowcarbon environment.


We take up the challenge to stay below 1.5ºC and continue to strengthen the resilience of our buildings towards climate change related risks.


Reducing our environmental footprint, thereby targeting our entire value chain. We aim to have an impact through low-carbon developments and reducing the consumption and footprint of our clients’ operations.


Meaningful contribution to the energy transition by boosting the on-site renewable energy production capacity and optimising energy consumption.

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PV installations

We continue to invest in photovoltaic installations that provide our clients with green, sustainable and low-carbon energy. In 2020, one third of our portfolio was equipped with solar panels, resulting in 100 MWp of energy produced across the entire WDP group.


Over the last few years, the number of sustainability certifications featuring in our portfolio has increased considerably. Countless WDP buildings are now EDGE- or BREEAM-certified. Find out what these certifications are all about.

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Brownfield - Redevelopments

Managing our scarce open spaces with great care is part of our responsibility to society. WDP brings new life to underused areas and develops them into modern, newly built warehouses packed with sustainable technology.


Climate change, deforestation, pollution, and species exploitation pose a significant threat to biodiversity. At WDP, we acknowledge the vital role we play in protecting and enhancing biodiversity through our property development, management, and operations. We strive to address deforestation drivers, safeguard valuable forests, and contribute to the sustainable development of our properties. Join us on our journey, and explore our reference project, the WDP Prinsenhil Logistics Parc, currently under construction. Together, let's make a positive impact on biodiversity conservation and the expansion of forested lands.

Green Financing

The WDP Green Finance Framework facilitates Green Bonds, Green Private Placements and Green Loans, based on transparent criteria around sustainable-energy investment, energy-optimization measures or other energy-friendly projects. 

In 2020, WDP and IFC signed a joint 205 million euros financing package for logistics developments in Romania, all EDGE-certified (read our press release). That same year, WDP and EBRD signed another 150 million euros package to complete already leased planned projects, and to support the further growth of WDP Romania. Together with EBRD, we are joining forces to combat youth unemployment in Romania, by setting up an inclusion project for young Romanians on the job market. (read our press release)

In 2022, WDP succesfully raised 500 million euros in green bonds via the US private placement market. The proceeds from these green bonds will be used exclusively for the financing and refinancing of eligible assets as defined in the WDP Green Finance Framework. (read our press release)