Tapa warehouse

Tapa warehouse

Your TAPA-compliant warehouse, with WDP

Outstanding warehouse security for high-value goods

TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association) certificates guarantee maximum security for high-value goods in your supply chain. Implementing these guidelines will increase the safety of your logistics chain significantly.

A cost-saving security approach

Did you know that by integrating TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) into your building design, you can reduce financial losses from lost cargo by up to 40%, lowering your insurance costs in the process?

What do these guidelines include?

WDP can assist you in implementing the TAPA FSR guidelines in your distribution centre’s daily operations by:

  • Securing on-site safety with CCTV, smart lighting and physical barriers
  • Fortifying the walls, rooftops and doors of your facility
  • Providing high-end access control for visitors and staff, both inside and outside the facilities
  • Securing internal storage areas and offices
  • Providing advanced alarm systems around the facility
  • Providing security training and establishing security procedures

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Some of our TAPA-certified warehouses:

A state of the art, 14,000 m² TAPA A warehouse for logistics supplier Keuhne+Nagel, on a fully fenced and maximum-security single-access site. This facility is equipped with an intelligent access control system, extensive fencing, lighting, burglar resistant technology and CCTVs. Its clean architectural design ensures optimal use of space, with modern office space tailored to this logistics supplier’s activities.

A 13,800 m² distribution centre with 3,000 m² of high-end office space, all with luxurious finishes, for logistics supplier DSV. The warehouse offers everything to support air freight traffic, with special docks fitted with lift tables, large pallets and a roller conveyor system. The building’s countless windows let in abundant natural light. Coated floors, extensive signage, collision protection, cooling cells and TAPA certifcation top off this outstanding distribution facility

High-end, TAPA compliant warehouse in Bornem, for logistics supplier DHL. 108,000 m² of storage built in multiple phases, with the latest one having been completed in 2019. Fitted with CCTV, access control, security systems and alarms. Includes an ADR warehouse of over 4,000 m² for the storage of hazardous goods, equipped with fire-resistant gates, liquid-tight floors, in-rack sprinkler and air extraction systems.

How can WDP help?

Have a WDP warehouse newly built to your expectations or an existing one? WDP helps you implement your desired TAPA features so you can achieve FSR certification by a TAPA-auditing organization. We’ll advise and support you in the certification renewal process as well.

Ready to TAPA your warehouse? Contact WDP today to discuss your specific security needs.