Beersel (Lot), Heideveld 64

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Heideveld 64
1650 Beersel (Lot) , Vlaams Brabant Belgium
Vlaams Brabant BE

Warehouse for rent in Brussels

Find the warehouse you need in Beersel (Brussels South)

This versatile warehouse is located just south of Brussels, off the E19 highway and the ringway around the capital.

With a combined available floor space of 14,275m², this distribution centre offers all the opportunities to shape your logistic operations. Rent the entire complex at once, or just a segment – and launch your business how it fits you best.

Warehouse for rent Brussels: the hub you’re looking for

The industrial park where you find this warehouse is located south of Brussels. The E19 highway and the Brussels ringway lead your drivers towards the outskirts of the country and beyond.

Moreover, this distribution centre is located at a view location, giving your brand the additional exposure it deserves.

The specs of your warehouse for rent (Brussels)

This distribution centre is built on a 22,459 m² large plot. Its 6,770 m² of useable floor space offers ample opportunities to shape your operations. With 505 m² of office space, your administrative services can hit the ground running.

Do you want more? No problem, because you can additionally rent two times 2,700 m² of mezzanine space! To top it off, the warehouse has sprinklers, heating, four ground-floor gates, and eight loading docks.

On this site, you can also easily park. There are no less than 76 parking spaces available for rent at 600 €/year.

Sustainable and comfortable

Reduce your energy bills thanks to solar panels on the rooftops and led lighting throughout the building. It’s your guarantee for energy-efficient operations!

Additionally, the air-conditioned office space ensures maximum comfort for your workers. Your employees can park their cars stress-free, thanks to the parking spaces you can rent around the building.

Get more information now!

Are you looking for a warehouse for rent in Brussels, with office space and additional mezzanine space? Reach out to Thomas Bosmand and receive more information on this logistic real estate opportunity. Your warehouse will be available from April 1st 2024.

Rentable Units
Several units can be hired together or flexibel!


55,00 €/m²


125,00 €/m²


30,00 €/m²


Land area: 
22.459 m²
Building area: 
6.654 m²
Available area: 
2.500 - 5.000m²
5.000 - 10.000m²
Car parking: 
Loading docks: 
Ground level doors: 
Car parking
ESFR Sprinkler installation
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PV installation

E19, RO
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