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Eurohub South
Dudelange , Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg
Esch-sur-Alzette LU

WDP development: Eurohub South in Dudelange (Luxembourg)

Where logistical excellence and fiscal optimization meet

Eurohub South has all the benefits you’d expect from your European distribution centre. Combine a prime location, multimodal transportation and excellent infrastructure with a business-friendly climate.

Discover the WDP development that’s poised to raise the bar in logistics efficiency. Eurohub South is set for delivery in 2021-2022. Here’s your chance to get on board while you still can.

What to expect?

First of all: the opportunity to create a European logistics hub with ample space to match your ambition. Eurohub South is a rare opportunity from which to launch and grow your operations, with warehouses offering up to 20,000 m² in floor area of which 10,000 m² is still available right now! 

On top of that, you’ll benefit from WDP’s typical high-quality warehouses: smart amenities, high-end technology, efficiency-boosting architecture and sustainability features that help you cut on energy costs.

The specs: Eurohub South, sure way to operational excellence

Each WDP warehouse is designed and built, to adhere to the highest EU standards. With 5,000 to 10,000 m² of available floor space and 1 loading dock per 1000 m², you have ample room to expand your operations.

You can also anticipate:

  • 10.5 metres free stacking height;
  • ESFR sprinklers and air heaters on gas;
  • Solarpanel ready rooftops;
  • Landscape office, cafeteria and sanitary amenities included;
  • Rainwater harvesting system;
  • Fully insulated;
  • LED lighting throughout; and
  • WDP Smart Energy for maximum control over your energy consumption.

Location and accessibility: all of Europe, within easy reach

Multimodal transportation is a breeze at Eurohub South. With the Dudelange traffic junction just around the corner, you have easy access to the A3 and A13 highways, sending your drivers into Germany, Belgium and France in no time. The perfect location for a European distribution centre.

Right next to the development plot, you rub shoulders with the Bettembourg Train Terminal, a railroad hub pushing over 600,000 containers a year. With Luxembourg Airport only a half-hour’s drive away, your multimodal transportation strategy is set for take-off.

Increase profitability in a business-friendly environment

Luxembourg has an impressive business-friendly reputation. With its fiscal and administrative advantages, you’re sure to combine logistical success with business success.

Profit from lower corporate tax rates, a VAT percentage of 17% maximum, less social taxes for your employees, simplified customs procedures and an exemption from prefinancing your VAT when importing goods - and much, much more.

WDP helps you combine logistical excellence with increased profitability. Get the full picture on www.luxinnovation.lu.

Contact us now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Delivery date is set for 2021-2022, with the development’s rare and attractive specs, there’s high demand. Discuss your logistics strategy with us: contact your dedicated WDP contact today for an on-site visit or to request floor plans.



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Building area: 
25,000 m²
Available area: 
5.000 - 10.000m²
10.000 - 20.000m²
10,5 m
Floor load: 

Luxembourg airport in close proximity

A3 / A13
Bettembourg rail platform
Container terminal: 
Important locations in the area: 
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