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A unique patch of logistics terrain awaits you in the multimodal platform of Liège Trilogiport. Located in the greater Rhine-Scheldt-Meuse basin and just a stone's throw from the airport, the transport options are endless. Combined with the on-site railway connection, you can be assured of a future-proof warehouse facility.

Liège Trilogiport

Did you know that the port of Liège is the third largest inland port in Europe? It thus offers extensive possibilities, as the Rhine-Scheldt-Maas axis connects France, the Netherlands and Germany. Connection to the North Sea is also guaranteed via Antwerp, Rotterdam or Dunkirk.

With Liège Trilogiport, the port of Liège is building a multimodal platform, the ultimate logistics hub in the heart of Europe. Moreover, the container terminal on the site has the capacity to process up to 200,000 TEU per year. Antwerp and Rotterdam are easily accessible via the Albert Canal. Liège Airport is also nearby, opening up the possibility of air transport as well.

European distribution centre

The combination of the central location, the trimodal container terminal (rail, road, sea) and employment potential makes the site extremely suitable for a European distribution centre (EDC). Moreover, Wallonia is experiencing a real economic resurgence and offers a favourable tax climate for start-ups and companies that focus on creating jobs.

Sustainable and efficient

Every WDP warehouse is built according to the WDP standard programme. In addition, you have a choice of different options, which allows you to create a warehouse according to your wishes. Our buildings are known for their energy efficiency and sustainability.

WDP provides warehouses from 10,000 to 30,000 m². An open plan office, cafeteria and all sanitary facilities are also included in the standard programme. Other features include:

  • 10.50 or 12.2 metres free stacking height
  • 1 loading dock per 1000 m²
  • ESFR sprinklers
  • heating with gas-fuelled warm air heaters
  • extra roof load-bearing capacity of 20 kg/m² for installing solar panels
  • rainwater recovery, full insulation and LED lighting
  • fully finished sanitary facilities, finished showers and changing rooms

Five reasons

Why choose a WDP warehouse in the port of Liège?

  • a base in the heart of Europe, ideal for an EDC
  • trimodal container terminal: rail, road, sea
  • tax benefits and government support
  • state-of-the-art warehouses, finished according to your needs
  • low energy consumption

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35.000 m²
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10.000 - 20.000m²
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12,2 m
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E25 / E313 / E40 / E42
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