Oarja, DJ503, Pitești

Rented warehouse
DJ503, Pitești
117545 Oarja , Argeș Romania
Argeș RO

Situated on one of the busiest highways in Romania (A1) between Pitesti and Bucharest, WDP's Industrial Park Oarja offers easy access to both cities. Being 20 minutes from Pitesti and 60 minutes from Bucharest, the industrial park is suitable for automotive manufacturing, retail or logistics operators which are looking for the appropiate location to serve both the capital city and the surrounding cities. 

Technical Specifications

Clear height of 11,5 meters, floor flatness according to DIN Standard 18202 1997-04 and 5T/sq. meter floor load. The entire building is heated through aerothermal gas heating.

Regarding fire and safety, the complex is fitted with a modern ESFR sprinkler system and can offer a separate battery room, if requested. The building is EDGE Advanced certified and solar panels are installed to meet sustainability goals.

Regional Advantages

Bucharest dominates the country’s industrial and logistics sector with more than 75% of the gross demand in Romania, and it is popular due to its strategic location – 225 km from the Port of Constanta, 850 km from Budapest, and at the junction of two Pan-European Corridors. 

Pitesti⁩ has a population of ⁨133.4 thousand⁩ people (⁨2020⁩) and an estimated GDP per capita of $⁨28.3 thousand⁩. Out of the ⁨290⁩ cities covered in ⁨Europe⁩, ⁨Pitesti⁩ ranks as the ⁨267th⁩ most populated, and displays the ⁨207th⁩ highest GDP per capita. ⁨Pitesti's⁩ labor force consists of about ⁨73.5 thousand⁩ workers. The largest sector in ⁨Pitesti⁩ consists of ⁨Trade and transportation⁩ industries, accounting for ⁨39.64⁩% of ⁨employees⁩ in the city. 


Building area: 
7.491 m²
Available area: 
5.000 - 10.000m²
Car parking
Truck parking
ESFR Sprinkler installation
Important locations in the area: 
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