WDP Smart Energy

WDP Smart Energy

WDP Smart Energy: embark towards profitable sustainability

WDP wants to be a force for good. As a leading partner in logistic warehouse solutions, we take our responsibility towards society, our stakeholders and our environment seriously. WDP Smart Energy is the best proof of that.

WDP Smart Energy offers our clients a free cutting-edge tool to help them manage their resources more efficiently, for better decisions in their day-to-day logistics operations and lower energy use.

We are dedicated to creating solutions to make our clients’ lives easier, more efficient and profitable – with a positive impact on the environment. Sustainable entrepreneurship is not about doing less, but about doing more, more intelligently.

Learn all about our commitment to a sustainable future.

WDP Smart energy: what’s in it for you?

  1. Key insights

Get key information about your buildings and warehouses. Manage your resources, analyse energy consumption in a heartbeat, and put together comprehensive reports to help you fully optimize your energy usage.

  1. Save money

Be in control of your energy consumption at all times, for every site in your portfolio. Use the insights from the application to your advantage and boost your energy efficiency, for lower energy costs and smarter energy management.

  1. Do it for free

Our clients get to enjoy the basic version of the application – which includes mains monitoring – for free. Get access to this user-friendly, intuitive application without spending a cent, and set sail towards a greener future with WDP.

The WDP Smart Energy platform

What is it and what does it do?

The ground-breaking nanoGrid platform is the backbone of WDP Smart Energy. This smart application analyses your onsite energy consumption in real time, helping you to achieve climate-friendly energy management across all of your warehouse locations.

The user-friendly application allows you to improve your energy profile by optimizing your energy consumption. It’s as simple as that, but cunningly clever, innovative, and high-tech in every way.

At your service, free of charge

WDP clients can use the basic version of the nanoGrid platform to their advantage, at no additional cost. It will help you identify the weaknesses in your company’s energy consumption, so you can take appropriate measures to overcome them, for a more sustainable way of working. Not only will it not cost you a cent, it will make you money in the long run too. Want to upgrade to a paid subscription to enjoy the full benefits of the application, including submetering and remote control? Get the full package with a single click.


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