Fragmented data: are you missing out on crucial insights – and significant energy savings?

To take the right measures to optimize your energy consumption and maximize energy savings, you’ll first need to collect all the right data. Perhaps you already have a smart water metre, or a tool to analyse your electricity consumption based on your invoices. If so, you may wonder what added value WDP Smart Energy will bring to your company.

Time for an overarching strategy

The problem with performing a fragmented analysis of every individual main, is that you never have a comprehensive overview of what is going on in your buildings. Sure, you can compare invoices or read out the data for one specific resource. But that won’t provide you with the insights you need to create an overarching strategy for energy consumption optimization.

Fragmented data: the illusion of control

Au contraire! These fragmented analytics create an illusion of control, giving you segments of data and partial insights without ever delivering a real-time analysis of every main in your buildings and the 360º vision you need to set up a plan of action to reduce energy consumption both intelligently and strategically.

One platform for full control

WDP Smart Energy doesn’t just allow you to track your energy consumption minute-by-minute. You can also connect the data provided with your daily operations, to identify and understand any anomalies or peaks in consumption. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

  • The app shows increased gas consumption on a certain night. After analysing the data, you see that the outside temperature was extremely low at that time. What’s more, a night crew was working in the facility, which explains the consumption recorded and the additional use of water that night.
  • The app shows continuous water use at night, even though there has been no human activity on the grounds. After analysing the data, you establish that there is a technical problem in the shower room. This allows you to take steps to remedy and prevent any further water waste.

Detect. Remedy. Cut costs.

Detecting and remedying hidden energy consumption can be quite confronting. But it’s also an opportunity to cut costs, lower your energy usage, and boost your company’s sustainability. Track all the right data in real time, link it to your business operations, and take control of your energy consumption for good – and for free. WDP Smart Energy comes free of charge for trusted WDP clients.