WDP News Digest - September 2018

A new month, a new WDP Digest! We’ve gathered together yet more not-to-be-missed news, the latest trends, and interesting facts from the logistics world – from fuel for the transport sector made from plastic to zero-emission urban distribution.


#1 From plastic to fuel for the transport sector

The Dutch company Bin2Barrel, located at the Port of Amsterdam, has started to build a factory that will convert non-recyclable plastics into fuel for the transport sector. The fuel produced will first go to the shipping industry. Thanks to this, the transport sector will reduce the CO2 emissions by 57,000 tonnes per year. Read more about how Bin2Barrel is going to recycle plastic into fuel for the transport sector on


#2 Why e-fulfilment companies are so successful

E-fulfilment companies are popping up all over the place. Our brand-new Fulfillment Center for Mediq in Bleiswijk is a good example of this. What makes these companies, which have such complex logistics, so successful? This has a lot to do with positioning, automation, all-round service, and return services. Details on the e-fulfilment companies’ success stories in the Netherlands can be found on


#3 Robot picking cell increases DHL’s productivity

DHL Beringe has acquired another asset: the logistics service provider installed a Robomotive pick robot at the Supply Chain campus. This robot can process up to 600 boxes and can pick from pallets and flow racks, without needing master data beforehand. Would you like to know more about this premiere? Visit to discover how DHL Beringe has increased productivity using the robot picking cell.


#4 Job report praises Ghent

The project land that WDP owns in Ghent is one of the many initiatives that led to Ghent scoring so well in the job report published by De Tijd. Antwerp, which was surpassed by Ghent, is also high in the rankings. The port industry in both cities has something to do with this. Read more about job creation in these municipalities in Flanders and Brussels on


#5 Green urban distribution? It’s possible!

City centres are being inundated by heavy goods vehicles and delivery vans dropping off packages and orders everywhere. Luckily, City Hub and Urban Mobility Systems have come up with a solution for this environmentally unfriendly tendency: a new electric vehicle called ‘Zolution’. It’s suitable for packets, pallets, and rolling containers, can be driven by anyone with a B-level driving licence, and is the ideal addition for intelligent warehouses on the edge of the city. Discover more about the launch of UMS and City Hub’s zero-emission urban distribution on