WDP Xplore 3 screens

WDP launches virtual marketing campaign with ground-breaking WDP Xplore tool

360° virtual 3D tool offers clients a 100% digital warehouse experience

Remote work, online customer communication, virtual tours… Now that digital has become the new normal, WDP’s marketing strategy is increasingly focused on digital tools. With WDP Xplore, the company is pushing the boundaries of its marketing approach.

This 360° virtual 3D tool gives clients a full tour of a digital WDP warehouse, and opens a lifelike world packed with easily accessible and clear-cut background information.

"WDP Xplore is a new immersive digital experience that holds the answers to customers’ key questions. It symbolizes next-generation marketing, brought to life in a 360° virtual environment to meet their needs.

Norbert Padt - Group Marketing Manager WDP



WDP Xplore: a virtual and hyper-realistic 360° environment

On a virtual tour through WDP Xplore, customers can zoom in on all the specifications of a WDP standard warehouse.

The tool is available on computer and tablet, offering clients an immersive 3D experience that brings the inside and outside of the warehouse to life, along with its technical and sustainability specs.

A digital answer to every question

WDP Xplore offers answers to clients’ most frequently asked questions: How many pallets can be stacked? How wide are the aisles? What’s the floor load? What sustainability features come with a standard WDP warehouse...

Hotspots and pop-up windows display all the information

Within the 360° virtual environment, customers can click on the hotspots that appear on the walls, ceilings, floors and technical installations. This will show them all the information they need in a pop-up window.

The standard hotspots offer insight into the techniques and materials used, while green hotspots reveal sustainability features, such as led lighting, energy monitoring, solar panels and much more.

If the customer has specific requirements, the tool allows them to easily request information about optional features for a tailor-built warehouse.

WDP Xplore: introducing a new generation of marketing tools

By fully focusing on a lifelike virtual 360° 3D experience, WDP is taking the leap towards the marketing of the future.

Customers don’t need to read endless brochures filled with numbers anymore. Instead, they can take a stroll through the product itself. The service is presented in an interactive, realistic format, with additional photographs and background information available in the tool.

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