WDP Park Timisoara – Dumbravita, DJ691

Available warehouse
WDP Park Timisoara – Dumbravita , Timiș Romania
Timiș RO

WDP presents this versatile warehouse available for rent as of September 2022. WDP Park Timisoara – Dumbravita (Timisoara North) is situated in the peri-urban district of Timisoara, in the middle of Timis County. Dumbravita, one of the richest and most developed communes in Romania, has recently expanded into a Timisoara suburb. Projects funded by European money and a booming service industry that is complemented by a well-established industrial sector are mostly responsible for this development.

Unlimited potential

Up to 20.000 m2 of warehouse space with offices area at the mezzanine which can easily be configurated as per client’s request, this distribution center provides plenty of space as a logistic or industrial hub.

The offices are designed with ample parking spaces to meet the needs of modern businesses. The warehouse has 22 loading docks, 4 drive-ins, and truck parking is also available in the park.

Technical Specifications

Clear height of 11,5 meters, floor flatness according to DIN Standard 18202 1997-04 and 5T/sq. meter floor load. The entire building is heated through aerothermal gas heating.

Regarding fire and safety, the complex is fitted with a modern ESFR sprinkler system and can offer a separate battery room, if requested. The building is EDGE certified. The entire building has LED lighting installed to meet sustainability goals.

Regional Advantages

Timisoara serves as a key regional transportation hub for both roads and trains, providing access to Bucharest and other major cities as well as connecting Romania to Serbia and Hungary as well as Western Europe. It is situated along the Pan-European Corridor IV, which connects Germany and Turkey, and has access to the Pan-European Corridor VII because of the Bega Canal.

Easy Access:

  • 8 min drive to Timisoara Airport
  • 40 min drive to Arad
  • 14 min drive to A1 Ring Road
  • 60 min drive to the border with Serbia through Jimbolia
  • 65 min drive to the border with Hungary
Rentable Units
Several units can be hired together or flexibel!




Land area: 
120.600 m²
Building area: 
95.600 m²
Available area: 
10.000 - 20.000m²
> 20.000m²
Truck parking: 
Car parking: 
Loading docks: 
22 + 4 drive-ins
Car parking
Truck parking
ESFR Sprinkler installation
E70 to the border with Serbia through Moravita customs
E671 from Timisoara to Satu Mare
DN6 to the border with Hungary through Cenad customs
DN59 to the border with Serbia through Jimbolia customs
DN69 from Timisoara to Arad
Important locations in the area: 
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